Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy
Non-profit 501(C)(3) Organization
Meet the Board

Andy McTigue, President, Executive Board
AKC Canine Good Citizen and Public Access Training Evaluator 
Medical Assistance and Service Dog Training
Andy’s career in the Navy with SEAL Team One gives him the unique advantage of speaking with candor and understanding to the needs of the veterans. As service dog a trainer he is faced with different challenges with each veteran, and the class of veterans helps with a team approach to guide the training in very positive ways. Andy’s service dog Katie is both a great example for the veterans and a calming influence.

Jenny Shrout​, Treasurer, Executive Board
A native Californian and retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, Jenny Shrout began working with Canine Intelligence Academy veterans and their service dogs in training a few years ago.  While mentoring to CIA students she concurrently trained her own dog, Keira to be a service dog, a lab mix to assist with her medical condition.  Jenny has earned AKC Evaluator status to test human/dog teams in specific skills and abilites learned in weekly classes.  She excels at helping Veterans improve their relationship with their assistance dogs by using repetition, consistency and lots of praise.

Barry Greenstein, Secretary, Executive Board
AKC Canine Good Citizen and Public Access Training Evaluator 
Medical Assistance and Service Dog Training
Barry, a former professional engineer, embraces calm and gentle leadership to help disabled veterans  and their dogs to become reliable team companions.  Manners, obedience and public access skills are specialty areas of Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy.  Barry believes dogs learn best using positive reinforcement methods. In addition he believes that breaking skills training into small objectives and building on each objective helps dogs learn easier. “Slow and consistent learning equals faster, sustained learning for the dog.”  

Denise Greenstein, Board of Directors 
AKC Canine Good Citizen and Public Access Training Evaluator
Medical Assistance and Service Dog Training
Service Dog Evaluator, Foundation for Service Dogs Support 
Denise’s previous career as a corporate trainer has prepared her to teach leadership to pet owners who love their dogs.  She believes “train the people right and the dog will follow.” Veterans Canine Intelligence Academy caters to disabled military veterans and their families who truly want their dog to be a service dog.  Training skills offered include manners, obedience, plus assistance dog/medical alerting.

Lindee McTigue, Board of Directors